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Erhard Associates - Winnipeg Web Design - Modern Earth Web DesignThe landscape of leadership has changed –from the mail room to the executive floor; more attention is being paid to the relationships managers form with their employees.

Heather Erhard and Associates use their experience with executive coaching and emotional intelligence training to help improve efficiency at all levels of their clients’ organizations. No matter the need – from personal and professional coaching to team building exercises and strategic planning for organizational development, Erhard Associates helps clients build their businesses with an eye on personal relationships and sustainability.

Visit the new Erhard Associates website today – read Heather’s blog, or check out one of her upcoming events today!

Erhard Associates features an integrated Modern Earth Blog system, allowing Heather to engage her site visitors with news, discussions and more. Visitors can subscribe to the blog easily via Really Simple Syndication (RSS) or by email, delivered by FeedBurner. The site was built and optimized with Modern Earth's search engine optimization best practices.


Planning for retirement and building an investment portfolio to suit your changing needs can be complicated. How much do you need to save? What should you do with the savings you’ve gathered over time? It’s important to have someone on your side that understands these questions, and the many complicated factors that go into building a financial strategy.

Financial planners Guy McClymont and Brian Davis, help their clients build dynamic strategies to make the most of a variety of life transitions. Their detailed approach broad knowledge base helps clients decide what kind of plan best suits their needs, through a unique “Wealth Discovery Program” – helping clients build insights into how a financial plan benefits their unique situations and live plans.

Visit the site today to discover how Guy, Brian and their team can help you build a financial plan to fit your life plan.

The Wealth Discovery website features a custom developed document library system, which helps Guy and Brian make detailed information available to their clients and visitors easily. A custom programmed news system and events calendar lets the team share new information as it becomes available, as well as details of special events the Wealth Discovery group is planning.

Images of Style and Grace

Ian M Rountree


There’s power in portraying your image with professional photography. A great picture goes a long way to getting across not only your appearance, but also your personality – if you have a great photographer to work with.

When Modern Earth was looking for a photographer for our staff pictures, we looked no further than Walter Janzen, of Janzen Photography. With a wide range of experience - from personal portraits to glamour photography and commercial images, Walter really knows how to get the best view of a person.

The new Janzen Photography showcases their work with a strong design tailored to match Walter’s visual style – breaking the mould of other, minimalist photography sites. On every page, one thing is clear: each and every client benefits from the whole of Walter’s talent. You could, too!

Check out Walter’s new website today – and prepare to look great!

Janzen Photography’s new website features a dynamic gallery system, easily updated from the custom-programmed administrative system. The stunning, large background images can also be changed easily with just a few lines of code, allowing Walter to keep his site looking new all the time. The site was constructed with search engine optimization best practices in mind.


Whatever your age, finding time to get out and be active can be a challenge. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned competitive player, it can be difficult to find the right team of people to play with – especially when you’re not sure what kind of sport you’re interested in, and what is available in your area. Teams and sport organizations face similar challenges when looking for opportunities to grow their membership – how to attract new people to their ranks.

Since 2005, the Tri S Sport Alliance, a partnership of sport clubs in the City of Selkirk, RM of St. Andrews and RM of St Clements, has been working to heighten awareness and participation in sport in southern Manitoba, by helping member organizations connect with sport participants and grow their teams. Visitors to the website can keep up with sports news from their region, and find upcoming events easily so they can make scheduling participation in community events simple for their teams.

Check out the Tri S Sport Alliance website today and join the team!

The new Tri S Sport Alliance website makes it easy for visitors to find more information about the Alliance’s members, through links to member websites and other resources. Visitors can download an application for membership in PDF format, and see upcoming Tri S events with the integrated Google Calendar widget.

Health isn’t just the absence of illness – it’s about living your best, in body, mind and spirit. Steven Hanks’ Premier Massage Group is an ideal resource for people who want to live their ideal lives. From therapeutic body work and massage, to whole body vibration therapy and nutritional coaching – Steven helps people live their best, on their own time, by working with his clients to make sure no appointment is rushed, and no client is ever left waiting.

As Manitoba’s only MASTER (Myofascial Adhesions, Scar Tissue, Emotional Release”) practitioner, Steven helps his clients create a healthy lifestyle through a combination of physical therapy, nutritional supplements, and attitude coaching. His passion is to help people take their lives to the next level.

Check out the Massage Group Blog for more information today!

The Premier Massage Group website features a customized Modern Earth Blog system where Steven shares tips for better living, and an AJAX-powered contact form to make getting in touch with the Massage Group fast and easy.

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