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Kitchens are generally considered the heart of the home; dining rooms bring everyone together for at least a brief moment each day.  The living room is where you do just that-live, visit and spend your free time; yet no room is ever in quite as high demand as the bathroom.  Your bedroom is a personal haven, the place you go when you need to be alone, to unwind and to rest.  Home is where you are most comfortable; within its walls is a place you have created as your own.   Your home is a reflection of yourself, the things you love and what you choose to surround yourself with.

Since its establishment in 2006, M-Concept has specialized in modern interior design.  By combining their European heritage with directional design, Artur and Edyta distinguished themselves from local competition early on.  Interior design can seem like a broad expression however, M-Concept outlines the many services they offer.  They provide modern design planning for kitchens, baths and interiors, from the ground up.  Their skilled team will help you find the perfect area rugs, furniture, kitchen cabinets and hardware, vanities, walk in closet fittings, lighting and anything else that may be needed to customize your space.  No matter what part of your home you have re-imagined, M-Concept will assist you through the process.   

The mission of M-Concept has always been to provide clients with personalized service and innovative design solutions, using top of the line materials and the latest technology.  They begin with an initial consultation where they take the time to understand your taste, your lifestyle, and the space itself.  This is integral to their ability to design, select the right materials and fixtures, and complete their installation of their custom-designed look that fits your space.  The talented team at M-Concept will work with you every step of the way to ensure you love the final result.  After all, a house isn’t a home until you make it your own.

Visit the new M-Concept website today!

The new M-Concept website features a responsive custom website design.

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Better than a Band-Aid

Modern Earth


Centre for Natural Medicine - Modern Earth Web Design - Custom Web Design - Winnipeg ManitobaCovering up a problem doesn’t solve it; that much is common knowledge.  So why when it comes to our health are we so eager to cover up our symptoms?  Coughs, sniffles, aches, pains or a general feeling of unwell are all symptoms of an underlying issue, be it illness or disease.  These symptoms are the body’s way of showing that there is a concern that needs to be addressed or that it is fighting something that is out of place.

The Centre for Natural Medicine is a naturopathic medical clinic.  They provide a unique system of diagnosis and treatment that bridges the perspective of both conventional and natural medicine.  While providing individualized therapies that promote and support the body’s natural healing process, they are able to integrate the latest scientific research with the healing powers of nature. 

Treatments and services offered at the centre include acupuncture, botanical medicine, homeopathy, IV therapy and much more.  A variety of laboratories, both local and outside of Manitoba, are used for testing in order to provide patients of the clinic access to the most advanced testing available.   The clinic also provides nutrition and weight loss support and education and lifestyle and education coaching.  To supplement this, the doctors host public events during National Naturopathic Medicine Week in May and lectures for patients, guests and corporations within the community. 

Currently there are four board certified and licensed naturopathic doctors on staff.  Drawing on a combined 50 years of clinical experience; the doctors share the same training and philosophy in treating a variety of conditions.  The dedicated support staff at the clinic, along with the doctors, strives to provide the highest standard of clinical care to all patients.  By focusing on the underlying cause of an issue, rather than its symptoms, their patients can begin to fully heal.  

Visit the new Centre for Natural Medicine website today!

The new Centre for Natural Medicine website features a custom website design.

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Tallon Finishing Systems - Modern Earth Web Design - Online Marketing - Winnipeg ManitobaWe often don’t think about the finishing touches that are put into some of the equipment we encounter every day; from the paint on your car, to the exterior finishing of an airplane, at some point that material was buffed or sanded down, coated and finished.  Tallon Finishing Systems specializes in the sales and service of industrial coating, finishing, spray and paint booths. 

They are able to design and build paint booths and finishing equipment of all sizes, from small bench style booths to booths used for aviation spraying.  They are also able to provide AutoCAD drawings and turnkey installations, customizing and delivering a product that will meet your unique requirements. 

Tallon Finishing Systems offers many options for service and maintenance on virtually all their products to ensure they operate at their peak performance.  Service packages are available to all customers, large and small, and include filter changes, booth cleaning, replacement components, control panel programming, end-user training and more.  Their technicians use the latest tools and technology for measuring and analyzing airflow, lighting, heat, electrical, gas and overall performance.  This ensures all equipment is operating properly and within guidelines and regulations. 

With offices located in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and British Columbia they are able to provide high quality design, installation and service to clients throughout Western Canada.  As a company, they are a factory authorized distributor of the leading paint booth technology in the world, Global Finishing Solutions (GFS) products.  

Part of the service that Tallon Finishing Systems provides is a commitment to every customer that the relationship does not end when the final product is received.  With over 50 years of experience in the paint booth manufacturing industry, they are the foremost authority in spray booth finishing environments and systems.

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