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Human resources is one of those things that everyone has heard of, but isn’t entirely sure what the job entails.  Ron Guest and Barry Chapman of TwoGreySuits hope to change that.

TwoGreySuits is an executive HR Consulting firm, specializing in Human Resources Management and Employee Engagement.  While that may seem like a lot of industry jargon that few truly understand, it is the most exact explanation of their services.  TwoGreySuits can be the human resources manager for your company.  They will handle all recruiting for you, including interviewing and selection.  They will screen for the best candidates and follow up with them accordingly, check references and enable you to hire the best possible candidate.

The HR Power Centre is the crowning jewel of the new TwoGreySuits website.  It features a range of resources, including guides, forms, policies and checklists for use by upper management and human resource managers.  Their website also includes a blog, where they post weekly with the latest news and information related to the industry.  They include tips for interviewers, information on how to set proper performance objectives and other information related to Human Resource Management and Employee Engagement.    

Ron Guest and Barry Chapman, the founders of TwoGreySuits, have over 55 years of combined experience in Human Resources Management.  They put a special focus on Employee Engagement because they have found this to be the best barometer of a company's future success.  If your employees are engaged and feel fulfilled by the work they are doing, they are more likely to be loyal to a company; this reduces recruitment and training costs, and employee turnover.  Low morale = low profit in business.  Allow TwoGreySuits to help you source the best candidates, people who are the right fit for your company culture, and industry.  

How Well Are You?

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Interpersonal Wellness - Modern Earth Web Design - Online Marketing - Winnipeg ManitobaIf someone were to ask you how your wellness is today, what would you say?  “Wellness” is something that many people take for granted; they may not even realize their overall wellness level is not where it could be, or what it really means to be well. 


Joyce Odidison , MA, PCC, the founder of Interpersonal Wellness  has managed to narrow down the 9 dimensions of wellness that can be used to gauge how well you really are, and what you can be doing to improve your overall wellness.  This is determined using her unique Wellness Improvement System.


The Wellness Improvement System begins with a series of individual assessments for each area of life.  Breaking down and assessing each area on its own allows Wellness Facilitators to focus on the areas that require immediate improvement, and prioritize other areas for later attention. The dimensions of assessment are: Emotional Wellness, Environmental Wellness, Financial Wellness, Intellectual Wellness, Interpersonal Wellness, Occupational Wellness, Physical Wellness, Social Wellness, and Spiritual Wellness.    


In addition to developing the Wellness Improvement System and its related Wellness Assessments, Joyce and her team at Interpersonal Wellness can provide workplace wellness consulting and coaching, leadership coaching and training, workplace wellness audits and wellness assessments for organizations.  Their years of experience have enabled them to create a substantial series of courses, provided by their exclusive coaching institute for Wellness Facilitators.  


Interested individuals can apply to become a WIS Franchisee by completing an online form.  Franchisees receive coaching and training from Interpersonal Wellness, and become certified to pass on the same knowledge and skills themselves.  These skills can be used for life management, business, and executive and leadership coaching.


Interpersonal Wellness not only promotes the ability of all individuals to work well, live well and play well, they help them master it for themselves.


Partners in Discovery Ltd. - Modern Earth Web Design - Search Engine Optimization - Winnipeg ManitobaTeamwork is a wonderful thing.  Unfortunately it does not always spontaneously occur when a team is assembled.  In a workplace setting this is even more commonly true.  So what do you do when you’re a team member or a team manager that can’t quite seem to work together?

Here’s the team-building solution.  Partners in Discovery Ltd. conducts workplace reviews, provides group coaching sessions, and works with you to provide training development plans that will supply your team the skills they need to work effectively together. This is just one aspect of the training and consultative services offered by their expert team.

Genella Macintyre, the Principal of Partners in Discovery, has a long list of accomplishments to her name.  She holds a Master of Arts degree in Applied Psychology from the University of Saskatchewan, certificates in Coaching and Mediation skills, and is a qualified trainer in Myers-Briggs, to name a few.  Her years of dedicated study have qualified her in the fields of training, coaching, and consulting; with extensive experience in human resource management, executive leadership, and personal and executive coaching.  She is also qualified in individual and family counseling, and program development and evaluation.  The unique set of skills Genella is able to teach will not only help improve the quality of your (or your employees) professional life, but personal lives as well.  

Training can be implemented in several different formats, including 1 or 2 day seminars, teleconferences, “Lunch & Learns” and more.  Each session is customized  to the group or organization, providing the most effective use of time for all parties involved. Co-founder of Partners in Discovery, Lynda McPhail-Poole, utilizes her natural creativity to create unique visualization and guided imagery exercises for use in personal development workshops.

Rather than spending the time and energy trying to meld your “team” or entice them into working well together, why not let Genella and her associates do the work for you.  They’ve already done the research and legwork, and established an effective set of processes and methods for accomplishing the same end goal: effective teamwork, and happy individuals.  If it worked for their team, why not yours?  


Bill Bannock - Modern Earth Web Design - Online Marketing - Winnipeg ManitobaMost people see winter as a time to huddle indoors, indulge in comfort food, start a new project, and catch up on all those books they said they’d read; not exactly activities associated with the great outdoors.  Anyone who has participated in the Bill Bannock Classic Ice Fishing Derby may disagree and say winter is for ideal getting outside, visiting with friends and fishing.             

Since 1994, anglers have come from across Manitoba to participate in what is one of the largest fishing derbies in Manitoba.  The Bill Bannock Classic Ice Fishing Derby is held annually in the early weeks of April on Clearwater Lake, in The Pas Manitoba.  The event is organized and hosted by the Rotary Club of The Pas and all funds raised are donated to charity.        

Much like a spawning ground, each year the sportsmen (and women) fill the lake surface for the day to compete in the hopes of catching the longest fish.  All species native to Clearwater Lake are eligible to be the derby-winning fish, with a guaranteed first prize of $21,000 cash!

For some fishermen, the biggest lure to participate isn't just the $21k grand prize. Lonesome Mary, the only tagged fish in the lake, is instantly worth $25,000 if you are able to successfully reel her in.  If the tagged fish is not caught during the tournament, it is still eligible for a $500 prize until March 31st of the following year.

Just as certain as a some fish following their naturally ingrained migration pattern, participants are drawn back to the lake year after year, often to the very same fishing hole.  The fun, friends, and cause make The Bill Bannock Classic Ice Fishing Derby an event worth bundling up and getting out there for!

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