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Give Up Coffee?

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For some of us, this is a very challenging question. Sello De Oro promotes yerba mate - an alternative for coffee drinkers world-wide. According to legend, yerba mate is a gift of the Gods to ensurehealth, vitality and longevity. All this and healthy energy as well - and delicious either hot or cold.

They needed a site that presented the features and benefits of their beverage - and to showcase the variety of flavours of yerba mate tea. They even tell you how to brew it properly. Special features of this site are the photo gallery and contact page.
To your health - without the caffeine jitters so they say!
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Owners Helping Owners

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GaraMark Property Management and Maintenance Services works FOR property owners by working WITH tenants to achieve a perfect balance. As property owners themselves, GaraMark knows that a well maintained property attracts better tenants, minimizes turnover/vacancy, and adds value to the community - in addition to being a profitable business venture for the property owner.

Their new website details their property management services, their tenant services, and their property maintenance services. In addition, they have a database of well-maintained and well-serviced properties for rent and a list of tenant resources.
Whether you own a rental property or are a tenant in the market for a new apartment - visit the GaraMark website to find out how they can help you.
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LRM Inspection and Verification Services enable businesses in the agricultural sector to minimize risk in food handling and processing. They provide a variety of services such as inventory control, quality sampling, and design and implement new programs.

They needed a site that provided information clearly, and encouraged potential clients to contact them - through case studies and testimonials, as well as easy to use navigation and a "call to action" via the very visible "CONTACT US" button that takes the reader to a simple contact form.

A brochure site that meets all the client's needs - professional, easy to navigate, and full of well organized information.

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