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“Leadership for a New World” The needs of today’s developing leaders are very different from those of the previous generation. Compelling purpose and strong vision – and the knowledge that their work means something – have become some of the new standards driving young leaders. Is your business ready to harness the opportunity these new motivations create? And if not – do you know how to prepare for change in how leaders do their best work?

With more than three decades of experience in human resources and management development, Yvonne Thompson coaches businesses and individuals develop their management and leadership potential through consulting services, to increase their leadership potential, and build sustainable business practices for the new world leadership environment. Her website focuses on the three key ways in which Yvonne helps businesses – as a leadership training consultant, as a public speaker, and most recently as the author of a newly released book on the changing leadership and management environment.

The launch of Yvonne’s new website was timed to coincide with the official launch of her new book, “Leadership for a New World” – which is available for purchase directly through the website.

The business world is changing. Are you keeping up? Yvonne Thompson can help – contact her today!

Yvonne Thompson’s new website features a Google calendar widget to help visitors keep track of Yvonne’s events. The integrated ModernBlog system allows visitors to get the latest news and leadership tips, and comment on Yvonne’s work as well. Other site features include a full social media contact suite, and onsite book sales, which will be expanded to include other media purchases over time. Yvonne's website was built on Modern Earth's SEO best practices.Yvonne has also worked with Modern Earth on a social media marketing strategy.


Every parent wants their child’s space to be their own – to match their child’s personality with decorations that are noticeable, fun – and safe.

For more than 20 years, Loveable Creations has been creating highly detailed, high quality wall decorations for children, distributing to retailers and wholesalers in both Canada and the United States. Their unique, cuddly creations have even made special appearances at events such as the Manitoba Children’s Musem Farewell Party – and the 8th Annual ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas, this week!

If you happen to be in Las Vegas October 10th – 13th for the ABC Kids Expo, stop by booth 738! If not, visit the new Loveable Creations website and see the cuddly decorations in the online catalogue!

The Loveable Creations website features a custom-developed catalogue powered by Google’s Picasa – making it easy to add new products, manage existing galleries, and keep the product line up to date. There’s also a secure log-in area for wholesalers to view an extended product line, and detailed product information. Loveable Creations has also worked with Modern Earth to develop a social media marketing strategy.

Like so many aspects of our lives, medical standards are continually changing – new medicines are being developed, new practices being implemented... Across the United States of America, health care professionals from Doctors and nurses to hospital administrators are encouraged to stay at the cutting edge of their knowledge, by taking a diverse range of continuing educational upgrades.

Managing time between the many professional and personal commitments of these professionals can be difficult – but many states now allow health care professionals to complete their state-mandated educational upgrades online through accredited websites such as CEUs-R-EZ. With a full library of courses accredited by the national bodies, CEUs-R-EZ makes upgrading educational standards easy.

The new CEUs-R-EZ website allows medical professionals in the United States to purchase and complete state mandated continuing education programs online through the Nurses Learning Network. The site contains a wealth of information about state mandated continuing education, and allows visitors to purchase upgrade credits through the Nurses Learning Network. The new site is also search engine optimized using SEO best practices developed by Modern Earth.

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