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Working on your business plan?  Thinking about your HR Practices? Would an outside opinion be valuable to help you face your current challenges? The addition of research and insights from an experience professional consultant can provide clarity and help you develop and execute a stronger business strategy.

John Ferris and his team at inVision Edge Business provide their clients with a variety of services ranging from business strategy development to HR solutions. As an added benefit, inVision Edge Business will implement these customized strategies and organization development tactics for their clients. The overall goal is to help improve the flow of innovative ideas and production among the employees of that organization. Drawing from over 30 years of Human Resource knowledge and experience, the team from inVision Edge Business is able to provide the tools to employ successful HR practices. The group of HR professionals at inVision can either supply information or act as the client’s HR department. 

Visit the new inVision Edge Business website today!

The inVision Edge Business website features a custom web design and was constructed with our Point & Edit website editing software.


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When a privately owned company or small business is going to change hands, finding the right business broker to assist in the buy/sell process is important to ensure a successful business transaction. Business brokers specialize in managing the buying or selling process for businesses.  These intermediaries often help with the initial buyer interview, the preparation of marketing materials for the owner and assistance with all transactions through the close of sale and transfer of ownership and operation.   

For over 2 decades, Gary Ostir has been providing professional services to businesses in Manitoba. Gary is the founder of Ostir Business Brokers, a boutique firm that specializes in brokering opportunities for both small and medium businesses . The mission of Ostir Business Brokers is to provide its corporate clients with the best information and services by serving as business locators, intermediaries and negotiators on behalf of their clients. 

The new Ostir Business Brokers website also provides testimonial references demonstrating Ostir Business Brokers’ track record of success. As well, the new website includes information about the buying and selling services that Ostir Business Brokers provide their corporate clients. 

Visit the new Ostir Business Brokers website today!

The new Ostir Business Brokers website features a custom web design


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The EZ Way to Save!

Modern Earth


Planning your pre-holiday season shopping trip to the US?  Many Manitobans cross the border to take advantage of the deals offered south of the border in November and December.  Some of us go shopping in Fargo, Grand Forks and beyond on a more regular basis.  We go for the fun, for a mini-holiday, but most of all to save money or to find things not available in our local stores!

For over 3 decades, EZ Marketing has been connecting bargain conscious shoppers with significant savings on hotels, restaurants and great retailers in the US.   This family owned business provides online printable coupons, weather updates and border crossing info – all the information you need for a successful shopping trip is available 24x7 at the click of a mouse!

In addition to coupons and deal information, Canadian travellers can also find fuel prices and current exchange rates on the website. EZ Marketing also conveniently publishes a coupon filled flyer in the Winnipeg Free Press twice a month.  

For your next road trip/weekend shopping getaway, check out the EZ Marketing website and download your free online coupons today!

The new EZ Marketing website features an integrated Modern Earth blog system, as well as information feeds from the Weather Network, and the Canadian Border Services Agency to provide visitors with more information about travel conditions. The website has also been constructed using Modern Earth’s search engine optimization best practices.


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There’s more to maintaining your health and well-being than seeing your doctor. Whether you’re recovering from surgery, an injury or suffering from chronic pain, it’s important to get back to your normal lifestyle as soon as possible. With physiotherapy, you can work towards restoring your physical health. 

River East Physiotherapy and Sports Fitness Clinic helps clients recover and maintain their physical health through therapeutic activities, massage and other modalities. The dedicated team of health care professionals provides their clients with a variety of treatment options including individually designed return to work programs. Unsure if physiotherapy is right for you? River East Physiotherapy and Sports Fitness Clinic offers a free 15 minute phone consultation to help clients understand if physiotherapy is the right kind of recovery program for them. 

The River East Physiotherapy and Sports Fitness Clinic’s website also features newsletters with tips, information and frequently asked questions.  Visit the new River East Physiotherapy and Sports Fitness Clinic website today!

The River East Physiotherapy and Sports Fitness Clinic’s new website features a custom web design and was optimized using Modern Earth’s search engine optimization best practices.

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