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The Fourth R

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Canadian Cartridge Association Inc. - Modern Earth Web Design - Custom Web Design - Winnipeg ManitobaAsk any “kid” who grew up in the 90’s and they can probably tell you what printers used to sound like.  They were loud and clunky and took forever to print anything out.  In recent years things have changed and with the advent of inkjet and laser printers that familiar sound had been lost.  It’s common knowledge that printers require toner cartridges.  But do we really know what goes into these cartridges?  Did you know that the average printer toner cartridge takes around three and a half liters of oil to be produced?  Or that it takes a printer cartridge 1,000 years to decompose in a landfill?  Everyone has heard of the three R’s, Reduce, Reuse Recycle.  Canadian Cartridge Services Inc. brings you the fourth R; Remanufacture.  

Canadian Cartridge Services Inc.’s remanufacturing process consists of taking the empty original equipment manufacturer (OEM) core of a cartridge, disassembling it and cleaning the parts.  The key components are then inspected and replaced as needed, depending on the manufacturer and materials used.  All cartridges are produced to stringent quality control standards using lab tested components.  This is done to ensure OEM equivalent performance is maintained.  Canadian Cartridge is so confident in their remanufacturing practice and their products and services that they provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee and return policy.

As a Winnipeg owned and operated printer toner cartridge remanufacturer, their philosophy it to place importance on quality and service; they do not offer wholesale products or cheap compatibles.  They focus on recycling and remanufacturing printer toner cartridges and reducing excessive waste going into our landfills.  In the past 20 years they have remanufactured over 100,000 cartridges, saving over 350,000 liters of oil that would have been used during production of new cartridges!  Little by little they are putting a dent in the estimated 500 million cartridges that are produced and ultimately thrown out each year.  Their efforts continue to make a substantial positive impact on the environment and the economy.   

Visit the new Canadian Cartridge Services Inc. website today!

The new Canadian Cartridge Services Inc. website features a custom website design.


Promoting the Positive

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Treading water keeps you afloat but doesn’t propel you forwards; it leaves you open to the whim of the currents around you.  Some people choose to “go with the flow”, but the flow doesn’t necessarily take you where you want to be.  If you feel as though you’re treading water, or just barely staying afloat, in your day to day life it can be difficult to maintain a positive outlook.  Change Innovators Creating Positive Energy workshops cover personal leadership skills for shifting your personal or professional life in a positive direction.

Change Innovators strives to facilitate positive energy in individuals and the workplace through coaching workshops and public speaking events.  By inspiring personal leadership within the individuals of an organization they build a sense of community among the team which in turn creates a positive energy in the workplace.  Through their customized leadership programs they inspire individuals to become intentional and deliberate leaders.  Using their proven qualitative data analysis techniques they will obtain relevant information regarding the core leadership capabilities of the organization.  From there they create a custom program of training activities that align perfectly to your values. 

Change Innovators central group of coaches is comprised of three individuals; each bringing to the table their own unique talents.  Geoff is a grounded, highly spiritual individual boasting 6 years of experience working in a one on one environment with clients looking to change their overall health.  Mike exudes passion; his experience and expertise in connecting to audiences has earned him a reputation as one of the best executive coaches in all of Western Canada.  The team is rounded out by Yvonne, a nationally recognized author and speaker who leads with positive energy, balance and insight.  The lessons and skills that Change Innovators teach can be used like a life preserver thrown to a “man overboard”, helping them balance themselves and reach safety.  All three coaches agree their role is to ask great questions.   Like babies are born with swim reflexes, each client has all of the answers they need; they are the only expert in their lives.  

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The new Change Innovators website features a custom website design.

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Canadian Family Practice Nurses Association - Modern Earth Web Design - Online Marketing - Winnipeg ManitobaFamily practice and primary care nurses work as part of a collaborative team alongside family physicians.  They provide support to patients and physicians alike by improving patient access and enhancing quality of service from both perspectives.  Family practice and primary care nurses also provide comprehensive patient care which in turn improves health outcomes. The Canadian Family Practice Nurses Association (CFPNA) was founded to connect the quickly growing number of nurses working in the family practice and primary care sector of Canada. 

The CFPNA was established by seven dynamic nurses who met at a conference in 2006.  After finding that they shared a deep interest in family practice and primary care nursing they found they had a shared vision as well; as you could say, the rest is history!  It was then that they decided to form a national association to help minimize the isolation regularly experienced by nurses working in the primary care and family practice sector.  The CFPNA was established in June of 2008 as a not for profit organization providing networking opportunities, shared resources and continuing education events to their members.  

The CFPNA offers an online primary care toolkit that was developed in partnership with other health care partners.  It provides family practice and primary care nurses with evidence-based knowledge on vital information including clinical practice guidelines, medical directives, patient education tools and care flow sheets and much more.  As a recognized associate group of the Canadian Nurses Association the CFPNA is a national voice that will be used to promote and advance the role of family practice and primary care nurses for years to come.  

Visit the new Canadian Family Practice Nurses Association website today!

The new Canadian Family Practice Nurses Association website features a custom website design, interactive foms, photo galleries, and a blog.


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