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Deciding on your insurance needs can be a daunting task. Whether it be home, life, marine or business, the options are endless and often confusing. 

Lowey Insurance takes the confusion out of choosing the right insurance. With the understanding that insurance is not a one size fits all product, the staff at Lowey Insurance take the time to get to know you so they can resource and deliver the best insurance product tailored to your needs. 

Lowey Insurance works with several companies to deliver insurance packages for all types of personal insurance, including residential, condominium, tenant and seasonal.  They also specialize in marine insurance. Working with Premiere Marina and Pacific Marine, they can insure any type of marine vehicles, from trawlers to jet skis.

Lowey Insurance also offers the best solutions for all your commercial insurance needs. Working with several companies, the team at Lowey will source the best policy to make certain you are covered properly. 

Insurance is unique because it is intangible. Clients only find out how good their Insurance is when something bad happens. As a result, Insurance is bought and sold on the basis of trust. The vision of the entire team at Lowey Insurance is to live up to the trust that their clients place in them, by putting always putting the client first.

Visit Lowey Insurance to get the personalized service that will guarantee the most tailored solution for all your insurance needs. 



Whether you are buying or selling your home, having a great real estate agent is essential in helping you with your process.

With offices in Steinbach and Niverville, Manitoba, The Royal LePage Riverbend Realty team can help you with the purchase or selling of your home. 

Whether you are buying or selling, the Royal LePage Riverbend Realty website has a great list of tools to help you with the process and they maintain a concise list of open house events for your ease of planning – if you’re interested in a property, make sure you don’t miss out! 

Visit their website for the complete list of latest and greatest properties they have listed and check back weekly for frequent updates and to find your dream home!

G.D. Harms CMA Ltd. - Modern Earth Web Design - Web Design WinnipegAccounting is a necessary need in both our business and personal lives. Even if you are good at it, you probably are missing the resources and techniques that a professional accountant has to save you money and although most of us consider a professional accountant for income tax time, a professional accounting service can help you keep your business on track throughout the year.

G.D. Harms, CMA Ltd. has the knowledge and experience necessary to provide not just the accounting services you need, they also have business management support services that will give you a decisive edge when evaluating your overall profitability. 

Since 2002, G.D. Harms, CMA Ltd. has helped individuals and businesses with their accounting needs. Not only do they work with small to medium businesses, but they are truly involved in the growth process with them. They believe that in order to truly support a business you must understand it.

Offering both business and personal accounting services, G.D Harms expansive knowledge can assist with any accounting service you may require, including corporate year end reports.

For your business, G.D. Harms, CMA Ltd can manage all of your ongoing accounting responsibilities including monthly or quarterly PST and GST filing and managing payroll. They are also able to manage your monthly bookkeeping needs; a staff member will handle all data entry, recording of receipts, and revenue and expenses. 

For year end, they provide several financial reporting services including business Review Engagement and Notice to Reader, as required for corporate entities to file annual tax returns. G.D. Harms, CMA Ltd. is also able to assist with corporate tax planning and preparation for the corporate year end.

G.D. Harms, CMA Ltd is one of the leading business management support providers in the city of Winnipeg. They are able to conduct extensive profitability reviews for your business and provide a detailed report of their findings. 

If you are just starting your business or are looking to increase your productivity, G.D. Harms, CMA Ltd business analyst service can help you identify where your business processes, hardware and software can be re-engineered to increase productivity and reduce wasted time and resources.

Visit G.D. Harms, CMA Ltd to explore how they can help your business reach its full potential.

Your home is your castle. But for some people a home can be a prison. For those with disabilities or the aging, their homes or the homes of others can pose huge accessibility issues. Access to the home can be difficult with most homes having stairs to the front door. Entranceways can be too small to accommodate a wheelchair and no access to a bathroom on the main floor can be a deal breaker. 

A house usually serves many occupants throughout its lifetime and poor housing design affects not only the first people who live in the house, but all people who dwell in the house throughout the life of the building

The VisitAbility Project seeks to change that.  

The Canadian Centre on Disability Studies (CCDS) has launched the VisitAbility Project to promote VisitAble housing for all Canadians, including persons with disabilities and seniors.

What is VisitAble Housing?

“VisitAble Housing” or “VisitAbility” is the concept of designing and building homes with basic accessibility. VisitAble homes provide easy access on the main level for everyone. VisitAble housing offers a convenient home for residents and a welcoming environment for visitors in all ages and mobility and although VisitAble housing was first introduced in consideration of people with physical disabilities, the concept is now widely accepted as a desirable home design for a wide range of residents.

VisitAble homes have three basic accessibility features:

  1. No-step entrance (at the front, back or side of the house)
  2. Wider doorways and clear passage on the main floor
  3. A main floor bathroom (or powder room) that can be accessed by visitors who use mobility devices.

Whether you are a person with disabilities, have family or friends with disabilities, a senior planning your future home or a new family with small children, the VisitAble housing project is an excellent resource to tap into for your house planning. 

Visit the VisitAble Housing Canada website for all the resources on VisitAble housing initiatives in your province

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