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Market fluctuations, inconsistent returns, conflicting opinion and unsubstantiated reports – choosing investments carefully, especially for high net worth families with large portfolios, can be taxing. And the risks often need more consideration, and knowledge, than most people are able to devote to managing these large portfolios.

Quadrant Asset Management manages highly tailored investment pools for high net worth families. Their thorough approach to portfolio development and client reporting sets Quadrant apart – as does their diverse mix of wealth planning and advisory services.

Visit the new Quadrant Asset Management website today.

The new Quadrant Asset Management website features an image rotator, which displays random images from a client-chosen library, each time a page is loaded. In addition to the site’s professional design, the rotating images add visual interest to each page.

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In many environments, ensuring critical infrastructure is properly maintained can be a challenge. With hot summers and cold, snow-filled winters, Winnipeg faces challenges to its roads all year round.

For almost thirty years, Superior Asphalt Paving Co of Winnipeg has set the bar on a variety of paved surfaces, from roads to walkways – even providing snow removal services. Their highly trained and experienced staff members help clients ensure that every part of a paving project, from estimate to excavation and paving, is done right.

Visit the new Superior Asphalt website to learn more about this proudly Manitoban company.

The new Superior Asphalt website features an interactive Flash animation, allowing visitors to interact with the site’s content in a unique way.


Floral arrangements can be the perfect expression of well-wishes for many occasions. Anniversaries, as a thank-you and, of course, as a symbol of love and romance. But how to choose which flowers to send for which occasions - and how to pick one of the many florists in Winnipeg to trust with your special event? Finding the right floral arranger can make the task of choosing flowers so much more enjoyable.

From Alstroemeria to Waxflower, The Floral Fixx has it all – and the experience to help you choose the right flowers for your special occasion. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, offering congratulations, or sharing condolences with sympathy flowers, the team of arrangers and florists at The Floral Fixx can help you make sure your floral gifts fit you perfectly.

Get in touch with The Floral Fixx today and let your feelings bloom!

The Floral Fixx' new website includes a dynamic, custom ecommerce system, an integrated blog, and features a beautiful flash animated banner on its main page.


Finding the right legal counsel for your needs can be difficult - complicated situations, even more complicated laws... Ensuring you've found a match for your legal needs is very important, no matter what those needs are.

Levene Tadman Golub Law Corporation has built its business on a wide variety of legal expertise - from corporate law and small business counsel, to family law and civil litigation. Their dynamic team of solicitors and litigators have experience to match any legal needs.

Visit the new LTGG Law website today and see what their experience has to offer.

The new Levene Tadman Golub Law Corporation website features a dynamic lawyer profile system, allowing the firm to easily display their associates and partners' contact information to clients and prospective clients. The site has recently been updated to a new visual brand, and has been optimized for search using Modern Earth's SEO best practices.

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