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Manitoba Parent Zone

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Parenting is a tough job. Parenting is probably one of the toughest jobs you will ever have. It would be nice if kids came with an instruction manual but, unfortunately that is not the case. Of course there is always the advice of others, sometimes wanted and sometimes unwanted and often conflicting. Fortunately, there is one online resource where parents can turn to at any time for everything about children and parenting: The Manitoba Parent Zone.

ManitobaParentZone.ca is a made-in-Manitoba website designed to provide parents with trusted resources and information to help them with parenting. They provide parents with child development information that reflects current best practices in health and child and adolescent development. It also included important links to Manitoba-based public education and public health campaigns.

From the early stages of pregnancy right through to the teen years, you will find plethora of parenting and child development information that is well organized and easy to navigate.

ManitobaParentZone.ca also lists the programs, supports and strategies available to you in your community through community partners and the province of Manitoba.

The Parent-Child coalitions are community-based resource centres established to bring together community strengths and resources within a certain neighbourhood. The coalitions are made possible through partnerships with a variety of child, family and community programs, close to home. Programs focus on the early years of childhood with each Parent-Child Coalition striving to meet the unique needs of the community it serves. Through the ManitobaParentZone.ca you will find the parent-child coalition in your area. 

Another excellent resource offered through ManitobaParentZone.ca is their interactive "Ask an Expert" feature where parents can ask specific questions, and experts provide answers. Select Ask an Expert questions and answers will be posted on the site, searchable and easily accessible, for all site visitors in need of parenting and child development information.

Visit the Manitoba Parent Zone for the latest in parenting a child development resources.

The Happy Cooker

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It doesn’t matter whether you are an accomplished cook, a budding gourmet, a wannabe gourmet or a disaster in the kitchen, cooking utensils and supplies are a necessity. The better equipped your kitchen, the better your skills will be. And what better place than a “hardware store for cooks”.

The Happy Cooker is just that - A hardware store for cooks. This store has been proudly serving cooks of all levels in the Winnipeg area for over 40 years and their selection is simply amazing. 

At the Happy Cooker you will find all the name brands you are familiar with and many exceptional quality products you may not be.  Their product offerings include Peugeot of France, Wusthof of Germany, Swiss Diamond of Switzerland, SHUN from Japan, All-Clad from the US and Sistema from New Zealand. 

If you are having a difficult time finding the perfect gift, visit The Happy Cooker for a gift certificate and take the worry out of making a choice.  If your knives are dull, they offer a knife sharpening service for all knives including straight edge and serrated. All garden tools or any tool with a straight edge can also be sharpened and knife repair is also available. 

The Happy Cooker has a gift registry service. There are many occasions where you may want to create a gift registry for all things kitchen related. Just make an appointment to meet with a staff member at the store who will be available to answer all of your questions. 

If you are having a hard time finding a specific product, the staff at Happy Cooker will try to source it for you and order it to the store and they will ship anywhere charging only Canada Post charges with no handling fee.

The Happy Cooker has been proudly serving Winnipeg in all things kitchen related since 1973 and their extensive product knowledge is available to you before, during and after your purchase.

Canadian Phytopathological Society

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Most of us do not pay attention to how food is grown. We purchase our fruit and vegetables at the grocery store or the farmers market with the expectation that we are getting our vitamins and nutrients to eat a well balanced diet.

Behind the scenes are the farmers and growers managing their crops and behind them are plant pathologists, working to identify and combat the diseases of plants.

The Canadian Phytopathological Society promotes research and education in plant pathology, public awareness of the importance of plant diseases and discussion of all aspects of plant pathology in Canada and abroad. The society’s  membership has expertise in all facets of plant pathology.

The objective of the Canadian Phytopathological Society (CPS) is to encourage research, education, and the dissemination of knowledge on the nature, cause, and control of plant diseases.

Formed in 1929 as a federal, non-profit organization, the CPS is now more than 70 years old with a membership of over 400 from Canada and worldwide. 

For those of you who are plant pathologists, the Canadian Phytopathological Society offers numerous resources including career opportunities. The job postings page is available for all announcements pertaining to positions in plant pathology and related disciplines. These positions can be permanent, contractual or part time in industry, government, or academia. Opportunities for graduate studies in plant pathology may also be listed. 

For educators, the Canadian Phytopathological Society provides numerous links and resources for use with your students. They have included resources that are suitable for all students ranging from grade school to university level classes. These include links to internet sites, downloadable posters, Power Point presentations, computer games and software, and experiments. 

If you wish to join the Canadian Phytopathological Society you may apply online. There are several membership types listed. If you wish to apply by regular mail, the pdf file is available to download and mail.

Pollock & Company

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At some point in our lives we will all need some form of legal representation, and, whether it is for the drafting of a will or the purchase of a business to possible litigation issues, finding a trustworthy law firm you can feel comfortable with is essential.

Pollock & Company is a law firm in Manitoba that has established and maintained a reputation of excellence and respect throughout Manitoba for over 50 years. They understand that choosing a lawyer can often be a difficult decision and resolving legal issues both confusing and intimidating. At Pollock & Company, they recognize these concerns and strive to make your time with their office as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

Pollock & Company covers all areas of the law, with a particular focus on medical malpractice, personal injury and lawsuits, class action lawsuits, family law, real estate, commercial and estate planning. They also provide notary services.

Following a family tradition, they have a genuine concern for each client. You are important to them not merely as a client but as a person and they will work diligently, individually and as a team to ensure you benefit from their experience in a wide range of legal disciplines. Their lawyers will work with you and guide you in obtaining the answers you seek when the need arises. Pollock & Company offers a free initial consultation. Understanding that legal services can be expensive, they will work to explore options and alternatives to resolve your legal issues in a cost-efficient manner.

Regardless of the legal service you may need, Pollock & Company recognizes the importance of assessing each case on its own merits. They are dedicated to empowering each client and giving them a voice.

The Complete Insurance Masters

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If you need insurance for your vehicle, home, or business, you go to an insurance broker.  But where do insurance brokers get the insurance products from?  How do they determine which provider best meets your needs?  Where do they get all the forms and product information for your policy?  

Those in the know go to Trans Canada Insurance Marketing Inc. (TCIM) as their one stop shop for wholesale insurance.  Trans Canada Insurance Marketing Inc. is an insurance wholesaler and managing general agent that provides a wide range of General Insurance products to Canadian insurance brokers. 

TCIM provides insurance from over 25 companies, from intellectual property to aviation, and their website is a plethora of information for every type of insurance coverage needed. They also provide an incredibly in-depth library of resources and links to anything that is insurance related, and links to many of the brokers who work with them. They also provide online quotes

Trans Canada Insurance Marketing Inc has representatives all over Canada, and in Quebec are known as Trans Canada Assurance et Marketing (TCAM).  They also work with their sister company – Profescau assurance spécialisée inc.  Whether you wish to become a broker for TCIM, or are simply curious about the various insurance products that are available, their website provides virtually endless amounts of information.

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