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Clean Code - Clean Site

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Clean Code = Clean Sites

If you have knowledge on the subject of programming, you have probably come across the terminology “clean” code.  If you are a business owner you may be asking what is clean code, and why is it important for your company’s developers to implement it into all aspects of their work?  Though every programmer might have a different answer for what constitutes as clean code, I would describe it as code, “which is easy to read and easily manipulated if updates need to be made.”  If the definition changes from programmer to programmer, one thing that is widely believed would be the fact that a site containing clean code will lead to a more efficient and easier to maintain one. 

Shift to Clean Code

As technology progressed exponentially over the years, programmers have shifted towards clean coding.  Gone are the days of counting bytes to try and save as much storage as possible with your code.  As bytes moved to KB, then to MB, then to GB, and finally to TB, writing clean code has become the focus of programmers.  You may be asking, what exactly are some of the benefits of clean coding, which is causing almost all programmers to put an effort into making their code as clean as possible?  Well, I’m glad you asked. 

Benefits of Writing Clean Code

The biggest benefit would be the time saved in the long run, and we all know that time is money.  Rare are the projects and sites that after completion, have next to no maintenance and upkeep to them.  After completion, 99% of projects have constant updates and minor fixes to them, which usually leads to more than just one of your programmers looking through all the code to fix the issue.  If you have ever seen unorganized programming, you understand the frustrations of sifting through line after line of code and trying to comprehend what exactly the code is doing.  In today’s programming world, we are almost always working as a part of a group on a site or project.  So you can imagine the time it will save if the code is clean and easy to understand.  

Additional Benefits

Besides just readability, it also will make any changes to the code easier to accomplish for your workers.  If done properly, it will help reduce many changes down to a line or two of code instead of having to create, or change, multiple lines.  It will also allow the code to be used across multiple sites instead of restricting the functionality to one particular site.  Just imagine how much man hours of labor you could potentially save with this ability!  As you can see time is the biggest benefit by far to your company.  You can save a lot of hours of labor costs!  An added benefit on top of that would be happier employees.  In the end, it only makes sense to explore the clean code route for your business. 



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