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New Earthlings in Programming

POSTED BY Susan Hurrell


We've been growing the team again - so watch for a few announcements over the next few weeks introducing some of our new team members.

Chad Norris, Software Development Manager, is pleased to welcome two new additions to the website programming and development team.  Wes Hanney and James Robb have joined "The Dark Side" in the programming division.  They each bring a strong programming skillset to the custom development team.  Wes and Robb join the rest of the Custom Programming team - made up of Sr. Programmer Michel Gauthier, and developers Helgi "Odin of Code'n" and Rob "Rotbear" Tardiff.  Nicknames for the new Earthlings still "in development".

Welcome, New Earthlings!  You can meet the whole team on our website - and learn a bit more about our corporate philosphy "in our own words" on every page.

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