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Craving Italian food? There are lots of choices - and searching online for the best Italian restaurant presents a variety of choices. The Earthlings are big fans of Tomato Pie Company, and when the opportunity came to design their new website, we just couldn't resist - just like we can't resist the amazing food. Resistance is futile.
Their great reviews needed to be front and centre. You can anticipate your next meal as you browse the menu items, some of which change seasonally, and make sure you check out the wine list,  Their phone number is on every page, and the map shows you exactly where to find Winnpeg's best Italian food.
The photo gallery changes regularly - and features some of the "beautiful people" who enjoy Tomato Pie's very "beautiful food".  
Rotolo! Gnocchi! Pasta del Giorno! How to choose? Now I'm hungry.


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