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The 5 W’s of Blogging – Where?

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Where do I blog?

This is the question that seems to cause the most confusion.  Many a well-intentioned business, with a perfectly good website will create a blog on one of the free blogging platforms, because “they are free blogging platforms – that’s what they are there for”.  Your blog has a different website address.  Suddenly your great blog and all that great content are separated from your website, and so are your customers once they get there.

You may have linked your blog site to your web site, so people visiting your big shiny online investment with all your product and service info, your pricing, your team profiles, etc… are being told to leave, shoo, skedaddle, get outta here to go and read your blog post.  Sometimes, your blog site or post won’t even have a link back to your website, to bring your customers back home where they can make their final buying decision.

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Unless you have invested some money in your “free” blogging platform to make it match your visual brand and look like an extension of your website, your customers may not even be sure that they are still researching the same company.  They may have gone from a professional website to something that looks significantly different than what they are used to seeing.  They may start wondering about the credibility or authenticity of the information.

We believe that a corporate blog should be integrated into your website. A properly integrated blog interface is still easy to use, and it keeps your content all together under the same domain name.  Your blog should have links to other pages of your site – both in the content and as part of the page design itself – just like any other page of your site.  You want to keep your customers close to you, provide them with all the info they need and use strong calls to action to get them to call you, or make that online purchase, or download that white paper – whatever it is you want them to do to choose you over your competition.

There is no doubt that blogging enriches your site for your customers.  It provides you with a great communication channel to get your message out, and build loyalty to your brand even before your customers make their buying decision.  It gives you a customized showcase to present your business, services, and products to the global marketplace.  I hope that this exploration of the 5 W’s of blogging has inspired you to get started or restart your business blog, or even a personal blog!  Happy to answer any questions – you can email me at [email protected].

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