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The 5 W's of Blogging - Why?

POSTED BY Susan Hurrell


WHY do you blog? There are 3 key reasons to blog for your business!

You are an Expert.  Yes, you are!  You have information your customers need to know – and want to know – and you are the best person to tell them. You know your products and services better than anyone else.  You’re the go-to-guy that everyone brings their problems to, and you can turn every frequently asked question into a 300-500 written answer that just might save you having to answer some of those questions in the future, so you can focus on closing the sale. Put your knowledge forward!

Blogging Infographic - Modern Earth Web Design - SEO - Winnipeg Manitoba

Blogging Infographic - Modern Earth Web Design - Custom Web Design - Winnipeg Manitoba

You are a Filter.  By the virtue of your role, you receive a wealth of information from suppliers, competitors, the industry at large, traditional and new media, customers and your sales team.  You can decide what needs to be passed on – taking advantage of the hard work and research done by others to make sure your customers get the right information.  This can mean debunking misinformation that is out there, this can mean a timely response to new legislation that affects your industry; this can mean solving problems before they become crises by setting the record straight.  Control the spin and get your story out there!

Your customers are hungry for information.  People are using online research in unprecedented numbers to gather information that informs their purchasing decisions.  You need to be found.  Your presence on the web needs to be bigger than a static website, because your competitors are out there waving their arms and attracting attention – and mouse clicks.  Fresh content helps your site rank higher in search results, helps your audience find you because you have an opportunity to tailor your content to match terms used in search (see your Google Analytics), and that helps you get on the first page of search results. People are looking for answers – and you need to be visible as the source of information they come to know and trust.

Google inforgraphic - Modern Earth Web Design - Search Engine Optimization - Winnipeg Manitoba

Blogging is a commitment to your business growth.  It does take time to research, write and edit even a 300 word post.  It is also the solution when you think, as we all have in business from time to time, “I wish I could tell my customers this.”  Now you can.

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