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The Essentials for Creating Effective Landing Pages - Modern Earth Web Design - Search Engine Optimization WinnipegWith online marketing ever-increasing in popularity with our clients – mostly due to the affordability for small businesses to market themselves online with Google AdWords, Facebook Advertisements, and other social media network advertising platforms – we find ourselves tasked with creating an influx of landing pages. We've compiled a short list of essentials to ensure your landing page will be effective.

It's important to start by defining what a landing page is – for the readers who might not be familiar with this term. A landing page is a page where your visitor is sent to have them complete a particular action or result. Effective landing pages will allow your user to see the value proposition, and thus, they are more likely to do as you requested.


Formulate a plan

It's important to know what your intended audience wants or needs, and establish a concise value proposition, offering this item. Without some sort of incentive, your landing page visitor likely won’t part with their private information and will leave your page.

Know what you want to receive from your landing page – what information should it capture? How is the information you received processed after you have captured it? 

Increasingly, visitors are hesitant to give you their email address – being armed with a strong proposition is only half of the battle. Your landing page needs to convey trustworthiness – and to be what your visitor expected to see including a consistent experience of your business' brand. They need to be able to feel confident in your offering and your organization as a whole – more often than not – by merely glancing at the elements placed above the fold.

Once you have a visitor's valuable information – what are you going to do with it? Technically, it is worthless – what gives it value is how you work with it. The usage of the information is an important and often overlooked, part of the plan.

The landing page is meant to capture the information for you, and then provide the item of value – if either component isn't thoroughly planned or understood – your landing page will never reach its full potential.


Keep the focus on the prize

Attention spans are at an all-time low – especially when a visitor feels the website they are viewing is making attempts to "sell" them something (if they aren't shopping on an e-commerce site). 

For every element you put on the page, ask yourself what purpose it serves – does it need to be included? When creating an effective landing page, having restraint and self-editing is to your advantage.

Common points of distraction typically include – website navigation, non-offer-specific information, or another menu or button which will exit the landing page. If you are concerned about sending traffic to your site, display intuitive options to the visitor to reach your site – after they have converted the goal of the page.


Evaluate your web form

If you are capturing visitor details, likely you will be using a web form to do so. Similar to the other information – having a concise set of fields is key to an effective landing page's conversion rate. Avoid having additional fields present (even if they aren't required). Limit required fields to five or less – and remember, the lower number of required fields, the more likely the form will get used. Finally, label your 'submit' button in a way which re-states your offer and implies an action for the visitor to complete, and places urgency on the request – such as "Download Your Free E-Book Now!".


Creating a landing page for your business is an investment in time and resources, to obtain new, qualified leads. It will require research, planning, strategy, promotion, tracking and analysis of results to work for your business and to become an effective landing page. At Modern Earth, we can help you reach your landing page goals – book an Online Marketing Consultation with us today!


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