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Susie Erjavec Parker - Modern Earth Web Design - Custom Web Design - Winnipeg Manitoba

This week in Chamber U:

Susie Erjavec Parker, Sparker Strategy Group

Launched in 2011, SPARKER Strategy Group brings businesses up-to-speed on how to leverage and integrate social media.

As a PR/marketing professional, owner Susie Erjavec Parker is passionate about how social media has changed the broadcast method into a conversation. The possibilities for business, consumers and brands are endless.

Her expertise in the B2B, B2C and C2C space has guided many leading brands to social media and marketing success. She tackles social media and marketing with a three-pronged approach: Connect - Engage – Convert. 

Locally, she is the founder of both #204Smarties—a budding networking group for professional women entrepreneurs and the Manitoba Mommy Bloggers Network.


How can 140 characters help you or your brand? Twitter is now eight years old and showing no signs of losing relevancy.  How do you get started? What should you use Twitter for? Explore the Twitterverse with us and learn to tweet with confidence. 


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