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Communication is essential in everything we do. Being able to communicate effectively with a wide variety of people, in many situations, lets us get our work done more easily. Learning a second language helps you communicate more easily with more people. Being multilingual can mean finding new friends, and better job opportunities in a number of fields.

French for Life is a program focused on increasing awareness of opportunities to learn French as a second language. Working with public schools, and a variety of independent educational bodies such as Canadian Parents for French-MB (CPF-MB), the program provides learning materials, additional coaching, tutoring, and other services which compliment formal learning curriculums. FFL even facilitates games in French for students currently learning the language! C’est magnifique!

Check out the new French for Life website today!

The French for Life website features a custom web design by Modern Earth Web Design, has a custom programmed blog system, and was constructed using our Winnipeg search engine optimization best practices.

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