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Milne Well Dressed Homes

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Milne Well Dressed Homes - Modern Earth Web Design - Winnipeg Web DesignFor most of us, redecorating our homes can be a daunting project. There are a budget and a vague idea of what we want, but it is overwhelming putting it all together. Making a home look as beautiful as possible when selling can be an equally daunting task. Milne Well Dressed Homes is the answer to transforming your home into the perfect space you had in your mind’s eye.

Milne Well Dressed Homes is a full-service home staging and interior decorating company servicing Winnipeg, Manitoba, and surrounding areas. Whether you are a realtor, homeowner, builder or developer, they have what it takes to transform your property into a visually enhanced marketable product that is sure to stand out.

If you are buying a newly built home, selecting the right finishes for a new home can be stressful and time-consuming and the list of fixed elements to pick from is overwhelming. Milne Well Dressed Homes can help you select everything. From the flooring, trim, countertops, cabinets, paint colours, trim colours, ceiling colours and paint finishes, to the correct undertones that will achieve the ultimate professional look, your new home will have that entirely aesthetic flow you had hoped for.

If you are planning on modifying your existing home, Milne Well Dressed Homes can help you achieve your vision. Working with your ideas and their expertise, they will transform your space into a space that reflects your personal style

Are you planning on selling your home? Milne Well Dressed Homes can stage your home. Working with any budget and time constraint, they will redesign your rooms with one thing in mind – Staging your home to help you merchandise your property for the fastest sale and the best price.

If you are a builder or a developer, let Milne Well Dressed Homes select the hard fixtures for your new builds. They offer several new build packages tailored to your specific needs and budget and specialize in both interior and exterior selections. Their touches will make your building project stand out amongst the competition.

If you need your model home or condominium staged, they can do that for you also. And whether you choose to rent furniture from a 3rd party or buy furniture for your model home, Milne Well Dressed Homes can source everything for you. They will not just stage your property, they will transform your real estate project into the dream home buyers desire, helping you get a higher return on your investment.

Contact Milne Well Dressed Homes and be guaranteed to transform your home into the perfect space you want.

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