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Rakowski Recycling

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Rakowski Recycling - Modern Earth Web Design - Online Marketing WinnipegAt some point, most people will have large materials to get rid of. Maybe an old appliance, wood material from a renovation project or concrete from a demolition. Often this will end up in the landfill and it will cost you to dispose of it. Rather than ending up in a landfill, consider disposing of your wood, metal and concrete with Rakowski Recycling.

Rakowski Recycling has been the city of Winnipeg for 50 years. They have many years of combined experience in the Demolition, Environmental and Scrap Metal Recycling where you can be assured of being treated honestly and fairly along with being paid the most current market pricing.

Rakowski Recycling supplies raw materials for new production to steel mills, foundries, and traders locally and with shipments by truck, rail, and sea container. They are committed to providing customers with quality service and great pricing on your scrap metal, copper, brass, stainless steel and many more commodities. They have invested in proven modern equipment and great staff to assure the greatest levels of customer service.

Rakowski Metal Recycling is open to the public and accepts both small and large loads. They also recycle appliances containing metal including fridges, stoves, washers and dryers. If you need scrap picked up, they will do that also.

Rakowski’s wood recycling plant processes construction and demolition waste wood into materials suitable for boiler fuel (biomass) and landscape mulch. They accept waste wood including framing material, plywood, pallets, cut offs, decks, fences, mouldings, and forming material. Nails, screws, bolts and other small metal fasteners attached to the wood is acceptable as they are removed during the recycling process.

Rakowski’s Concrete Recycling is also open to the general public. For nearly two decades Rakowski has been recycling concrete rubble into reusable aggregates suitable for road and parking lot development. They accept all types of concrete material at no cost, including: concrete with wire mesh, Bricks, Sidewalk Slabs, Hollow Core Slabs, Concrete with Rebar, Patio Stones, Concrete, Cinder Blocks, Concrete Slabs, and Curbs.

If you wish to purchase recycled aggregate material their recycled concrete products include: 4 inch down recycled crushed concrete aggregate, ¾ inch down recycled crushed concrete aggregate, 4 inch clean recycled crushed concrete aggregate, ¾ inch down recycled asphalt aggregate.

Rakowski has 2 locations. Their metal recycling plant is at 454 Archibald St. Winnipeg. Phone (204) 231-4050. The wood and concrete recycling plant is located at 1227 Redonda St. Transcona.  Phone  (204) 781-8769

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