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Safety First

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Rolling Rhino Safety Services - Modern Earth Web Design - Custom Web Design - Winnipeg Manitoba

It’s hard to worry about what may seem like a minor safety concern when you’re focused on the bigger task at hand, and sometimes staff members are too close to the “problem” to see a solution.  Different job settings have different safety concerns, from carpal tunnel for desk workers to improper use of heavy machinery for construction companies.  That’s where Rolling Rhino Safety Services steps in. 

The specially trained and certified team of construction safety officers at Rolling Rhino is dedicated to creating the best possible health and safety program for your needs.  Their services range from custom designed manuals, to incident and near miss investigations and audit preparations.  They can perform their services on a monthly scheduled basis or on demand, and will work to suit your needs.

Rolling Rhino has worked with a variety of clients under a range of circumstances.  They have come in and taken over when other companies were in over their heads, and even cleaned up the mess they left behind.  Each company Rolling Rhino has worked with has successfully completed the COR/SECOR audit instrument with scores above and beyond the 80’s within 6-18 months of their work. 

Check out the new Rolling Rhino Safety Services website today!   

The new Rolling Rhino Safety Services website features custom web design.

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