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Email marketing is a low cost way to get information onto the screens of those who want to know more. Our custom designed electronic stationery sets us apart as a provider of email marketing solutions. Contact us!

Susan Hurrell,Marketing Consultant

Email Marketing Delivers

Used by clients around the world! Deliver your full color branded message to your target market using our greatBIGnews(TM) email marketing system. Coordinate your campaigns, manage your opt-in subscriber lists, and get real-time statistics on who is reading your email, and what they "click" on - to help you shape your online marketing strategy.

Easy to use, easy to understand - greatBIGnews(TM) delivers! Visit or call us to talk about how email marketing can supplement your communication strategy.

Cost Effective Communication

Email marketing produces results - and return on investment. greatBIGnews(TM) offers a low cost per contact, and industry statistics tell us that strategic implemented email marketing programs return a 50:1 ratio of ROI.

Whether you are a large or small business, or a NFP or association - greatBIGnews(TM) can reduce your communication costs with results you can see! Ask us for more info!