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Modern Website

Your website is the heart of your online marketing efforts. With the maturation of the internet, business sites now have multiple roles to play, with marketing your services being just one of them. In addition to conveying your brand, supporting your business goals, communicating corporate information, and recruiting new personnel, your site is expected to offer something of value to every visitor. Whether it’s as simple as fresh content or business essential online product sales.

Most important to your marketing efforts, your site needs to convert visitors into customers — and in a measurable way.


Your site needs to perform. If it’s not meeting your goals, it’s time to ask some questions and determine why. Is the design leading people astray or does it tell your story? Does the site dilute your message or give it razor-sharp focus? What services could your site perform for your company?

Together we will ensure your site has specific goals and accomplishes them.


Your site is your property to work into your business processes, better engage your customers, and provide real corporate value. More than a communication tool, your site can perform business functions for you.

Using tools like WordPress or other applications, we can build the functionality your site needs to integrate it into your business processes, whether in the sales cycle or product delivery processes. We can integrate your website with your existing technology platforms, too!


Design and content are the two main pillars of a great website. Site design must convey your brand in a way that’s appealing and accessible to your audience. In an ever-changing crowded market, your site needs to do that while staying fresh.

Good design achieves good user experiences that promote your brand and associates your company with those good experiences.

User Experience

A carefully designed site tells a compelling story about your business, and it’s your first step to success online. We craft meaningful digital experiences that perform, creating a smooth experience with carefully targeted messaging that engages your audience and adds value to your company.

  • Website Design and Development
  • eCommerce integration
  • User Interface Design
  • Built-in technical SEO boost

Tech Meets Marketing

Technology has revolutionized the world of marketing, but not all agencies use the technology well. Conversely, many tech-oriented agencies don’t have a deep understand of how marketing works.

Modern Earth bridges that gap. Our team draws from both pools of our in-house expertise to develop clear objectives, sound technical solutions, and amazing design to bring stellar experiences to your clients.

Listening. Communicating. Understanding.